While we strive every day to create exceptional customer service moments for our customers, it’s equally important to extend those same efforts internally as well. Each member of our service team, and of our company at-large, benefits from the same care and consideration we so carefully hone for our cases.

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One company that knows this and ascribes to the practice as a matter of principle is The Ritz Carlton. Through careful data-gathering, The Ritz Carlton engages in what they call Mystique, or putting that gathered data to use in crafting personally tailored experiences for their guests.

But Mystique is also practiced internally. It is not uncommon for the company to discover a staff member has a favorite food or snack and then routinely surprise them with it just to make their day. They also pull out all the stops when an employee faces a larger challenge like the loss of a home, stepping in to donate basic living items to ease them through the shock. When employees experience the magic of Mystique firsthand, it solidifies the value of going the extra mile for every guest who walks through their doors.

The company Twilio rewards employees for professional success. When they’ve completed a project, the company gifts them with a Kindle and “book money” so that they can take time to relax and enjoy something personal to them. Caring for an employee beyond their time in the office by sending the message that their downtime should be enjoyable, Twilio is reminding its employees that investing in the joy of others is a worthwhile pursuit.

An independent insurance brokerage in Los Angeles also knows how to make its employees feel special. During annual renewals, the busiest time of the year, it knows that employee stress levels are running higher than average. In order to help everyone relax, chair masseurs are brought into the office once every few weeks and employees can sign up for some tension relief.

They also make a point of providing lunch at least once a week so that employees will have one less thing to prepare each morning before leaving home. The dedication to being good to the people who are good to their customers is surely a reason they are one of the largest independent brokerages in the area.

Does your company actively engage in “employee appreciation” or wow moments? What benefits have you seen them bring to your team and your customers? If your company does not currently utilize this approach, how can you begin to slip in little acts of kindness?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]