Use the emails method to search for emails.

Request URL:

Supported Methods: GET

Authorization: See Authorization

Return Codes: See Return Codes


Paramater Required Type Default Defined
bodylimit no int 150 How many characters of the email body to return back. You can also specify ‘all’ to return back the entire body.
Caution: This could be a ton of data. It’s best to just get the summary and then only slurp in full emails when requested to do so.
caseid no int Search for emails attached to a certain case
casenum no alphanumeric Search for emails attached to a certain case number
limit no int 150 How many emails to return
orderby no alpha date_recvd How to sort the emails. By default, we return the cases sorted by the date they were received. You can also sort by emailid, contactid, companyid, date_recvd, or repid.


  • Unassigned Cases

Example Queries:

  • Get all Unassigned Cases

Example JSON Response:

[ { "thebody": "What is my order number?nn", "emailid": "486344", "contactid": null, "companyid": null, "casenum": null, "caseid": null, "from": "Elizabeth Smith <[email protected]>", "to": "[email protected]", "cc": "", "bcc": "", "subject": "Order number?", "date_sent": "2012-05-22T12:57:38-04:00", "date_recvd": "2012-05-22T12:57:38-04:00", "repid": null }, { "thebody": "I can't log into the sales page - how can I order the product?nnBarbara Dreyernn", "emailid": "486485", "contactid": null, "companyid": null, "casenum": null, "caseid": null, "from": "Barbara Dreyer <[email protected]>", "to": "[email protected]", "cc": "", "bcc": "", "subject": "Can't log in", "date_sent": "2012-05-22T13:27:42-04:00", "date_recvd": "2012-05-22T13:27:42-04:00", "repid": null }, { "thebody": "Hello,nnI didn't receive the welcome email mentioned on the call today and thenteacher said to contact you for assistance. Please advise when you have", "emailid": "486537", "contactid": null, "companyid": null, "casenum": null, "caseid": null, "from": "Karen <[email protected]>", "to": "[email protected]", "cc": "", "bcc": "", "subject": "Welcome Email?", "date_sent": "2012-05-22T13:39:16-04:00", "date_recvd": "2012-05-22T13:39:16-04:00", "repid": null }]