If you’ve got a heavy volume of emails flowing in from customers, or if your customer support representative has several duties to manage during the day, then creating email templates to use in FuseDesk from within Infusionsoft is the best way to save time and streamline your customer support for consistency.

The Basics

Your basic email template signature should have your name, company name, phone number (typically either the company’s main line or a dedicated customer support line), and the company website.

Within Infusionsoft, you can also set up a template with a customizable field for the customer’s first and last name.  You won’t have to worry about misspelling or mistyping any names, as they will get pulled directly from your database.  You may also wish to include the hours of your business – that way your customers hopped up on Red Bull at 3 am will know they’re going to have to wait until at least 9 am when you open for a response.

Once you have your basic customer support reply template, you can move on to creating more specific templates that suit your company’s needs.FAQs

Customer support reps know which questions come in the most.  Perhaps your customers can’t remember their passwords for ordering through your site.  Maybe less tech-savvy customers are having issues with cookies.  (Mmmm, cookies.)  Or maybe they want to return an item they purchased.  Whatever your most frequently asked questions are, it’s easy to build on your default reply template and save a cavalry of pre-written responses in Infusionsoft.  Check out some template ideas from FuseDesk.

Be a Minimalist

When writing the copy for your templates, put yourself in the customer’s shoes.  Do they want to read the background of your company and learn the history of how computers work just to find out what their password is?  Maybe the lonely cat lady down the block is into that sort of thing, but 99% of your customers just want the answer to their question.  So keep your customer support templates brief by following the below steps:

1. Offer a quick greeting that reinforces your brand:  ex. Thank you for contacting Mr. Humphrey’s Hardware Shop! 

2. Answer the customer’s question:  ex. To reset your password, simply <insert direction here>.

3. Deliver “wow” where applicable:  ex.  We took the liberty of handling this step for you and your temporary log-in information is as follows.

4. Sign off:  ex.  Should you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.  Thank you for your loyalty!

Review your Templates

Before saving a template in Infusionsoft, be sure to check spelling and make sure the email makes sense.  You may understand certain jargon, but some of your customers may be computer laymen or may not understand the inner workings of your business.  That being said, others may have roof-blasting IQs and don’t want to be talked down to.  Have others in your office review your email template to ensure that it doesn’t sound condescending but still includes the basic information that any customer would need to solve the issue.

Don’t Just Hit Send

When pulling up a saved template, make sure you give it a quick glance before immediately sending it off.  In some cases, further personalization is necessary to address a particular issue the customer touched upon.  Ship off one too many template responses and your customers will recognize the form letter response.  For tips on personalizing your emails, see our previous post, Customer Support:  Let’s Get Personal.

Take our advice and set up some essential customer support templates so you can focus your time on delivering wow, retaining customers, handling escalated issues and building your business!