Bulk Reply to Infusionsoft Emails in FuseDeskHave you ever sent a broadcast email out to your list and then dealt with an influx of email inquiries all with the same support issue? Maybe it’s folks missing their username and password. For others, perhaps they missed a webinar and want a replay link.

Now you can respond in bulk directly from your Unassigned Emails screen in FuseDesk.

When viewing unassigned emails, you’ll now see a red and green icon next to each email.

Green Contact Known means that the email is already linked to a person in Infusionsoft and you’ll be able to Bulk Process

Red Contact Not Known means that this email is from an unknown contact and you’re going to have to take the case and process normally to respond.

So it’s a Monday morning and you’re looking at an Unassigned email box full of emails that you want to bulk respond to. Here’s what to do:

  1. Make sure you have a template setup in Infusionsoft to handle the emails
  2. Check the box next to all the linked emails (Contact Known) that you want to respond to using the same template
  3. Click on the Bulk Reply button
  4. Choose which department and rep you want to assign all the cases to. Don’t worry, when you bulk process, we won’t email the rep for each email they’re assigned as we’re just going to close out the case. This is so if someone replies to your reply, it goes to the right rep.
  5. Select the template you want to use in your reply.
  6. Click Bulk Process

Now sit back and relax as FuseDesk automagically assigns each case, links it to the contact, send your reply, links the reply to the contact and closes out the case for you.

Thank you Kristen for making this suggestion and for helping to fast track it! Coming soon, you’ll also be able to bulk reply to cases you’ve already assigned!