To apply an action set to a contact when viewing a case, scroll to the reply at the bottom and click on the Apply an Action tab.

Start typing in any part of the name of an action set in the action set search box and select the action set you want to run from the list. Click Apply to run the action set.

If you’d like to save this action set to your favorites, click the star icon () to the left of the action set. This will add the action set to your list of favorites easily accessible in the future.When viewing your list of starred action sets, click on the name of an action set to load it up and then click Apply to run the action set. To remove an action set from your favorites, click the yellow star in the top left and it will be removed from your favorites list.

After running an action set, FuseDesk will display the results of the action set, highlight each successful action and show any failed actions. In addition, we’ll log the results of the action set as part of the case history so the next time you’re viewing the case, you’ll see the results of previously run action sets.

Even better, after you run an action set, you’ll stay in the case so you can run multiple action sets and reply by email without leaving the page!

What might you use Action Sets for on a Case?

Action sets allow you to leverage the powerful automation of Infusionsoft right from within FuseDesk. You can use Action Sets to:

  • Apply or remove tags
  • Start or stop a campaign or follow up sequence
  • Start or stop a subscription
  • Create an order, task or opportunity

The possibilities are endless once you start running Infusionsoft action sets right in FuseDesk!