FuseDesk’s Live Chat allows you to set custom meta data about your website visitors so your team can better assist your prospects and customers.

For example, you might want to set what Membership Level a logging in Member has. Or what company a logging in user works for. Or what version of your app a customer is using.

To make sure your code runs after our live chat has had a chance to initialize, use our FuseDesk Chat Namespace (FuseDeskChatNS) and then use setMetaData() like so:

window.FuseDeskChatNS = function(FuseDeskChatNS) {
     MembershipLevel: 'Silver',
     CompanyName: 'ABC Widgets, Co.',
     AppVersion: 18.2

You can call setMetaData() as often as you need and pass as many keys as you need. FuseDesk will append new keys and update existing keys as needed.

Any meta data set by your code will be visible to your team in the FuseDesk Chat under Additional Information.