Tap Into the Power of Keap and Infusionsoft Right In Your Membership Site with AccessAlly

Every member is unique, so why not use the data you have about them to treat them individually based on their actions? With AccessAlly you can!

Members Can Update Their Credit Cards

Use an auto-login link to have members update their credit card on file and process payments right inside their member dashboard.

Searchable Member Directories by Tag

User directories can be organized by tag, searchable, and members can edit their own profiles and images.

Synced Custom Fields for Gamification

AccessAlly writes and syncs to custom fields for added gamification, to help build in-site credit systems for added motivation.

Event Based Tagging In Keap

Want to know when someone logs in, visits a page, watches a video or completes a course or quiz? With event tagging, you can!

AccessAlly is the #1 WordPress membership plugin and automation marketing ally for course creators and industry leaders.


Gorgeous built-in order forms, affiliate tracking, and 1-click upsell functionality. Your online courses practically sell themselves.

Sell Your Courses with Mobile-Friendly Order Forms

Beautiful out of the box with customizable colors, these order forms allow you to add testimonials and guarantees to increase conversions. Order forms also available in Spanish and French.

Trial Offers, Subscriptions, 1-Click Upsells

Offer a free or paid trial period followed by recurring payments (monthly or yearly with Stripe or PayPal) and watch your membership grow. Increase revenue with 1-Click Upsells and Order Bumps.

Cross-Selling Dashboards

Show all of your courses and programs in a member dashboard with customizable icons and links to instant upsells and sales pages of your choice.

License Your Courses with Team Accounts

Offer bulk group management license packages and let a team leader assign sub-accounts, monitor student progress, see quiz scores, and kick-start automations.

AccessAlly Screenshot

Homework Submission with Private Feedback

Private notes give students the ability to ask or answer questions, upload files, and submit homework for review, with email notifications for teachers to reply directly within your WordPress membership site.

Drag and Drop PDF Certificates of Completion

Upload a Certificate of Completion template (or start with one of ours) and members can download their certificates – tailored with their name, date of completion, and anything else you want to include.

Searchable Member Directory

Create multiple member directories so students can find and connect with each other, update their profiles and upload a photo, and foster a real community inside your membership. Your directory can also be open to the public.

Customized Social Sharing

Specify the social sharing links and images your members can use to celebrate their success and course completion – and give them points for helping you spread the word, too.

Split Testing and Member Specific Countdowns

Everything inside your AccessAlly membership site is specific to the member… including the ability to split test with tags and show countdown timers for special offers and unique events.

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How AccessAlly Works with FuseDesk

When your members are logged into your AccessAlly membership site, LMS, or online course, they’ll be able to see their cases, open new cases, and start live chats with ease.

Since they’re already logged in, we know your members’ name, email and contact details so all your members have to do is ask their question to instantly open a new case in your FuseDesk app!

Configuring AccessAlly to work with FuseDesk

Install our free WordPress plugin on your AccessAlly WordPress site