To setup email forwarding with Microsoft Office 365, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Exchange Admin Center.
  2. In the Recipients section, click Contacts.
  3. Click the Plus Sign (+) to add a New Contact
    1. For the Display Name, enter FuseDesk
    2. For the External Email Address, enter [email protected] where YOURAPPNAME is the name of your FuseDesk/Infusionsoft app
    3. Click Save
  4. In the Recipients section, click Shared Mailbox
  5. Click the Plus Sign (+) to Add a New Shared Mailbox
    1. For the Name enter FuseDesk
    2. For the Email Address, enter your support address, like support and select your domain name on the right
    3. Click on Mailbox Features
    4. Check the box to Enable Email Forwarding
    5. For the Recipient, select FuseDesk
    6. Click Save
  6. Send yourself a test message at the email address you setup in 5 above