Every second counts when you’re in the process of helping a customer, and here at FuseDesk, we’re fans of leaving the customer with a great impression of the company, from the moment your interaction begins, to the moment a support ticket is closed. Whether you’re on a call or just typing a customer support response via email, there’s a few things you can do to show your customers how much you care.


The Elevator Music Debacle

In order to answer a customer’s question, retrieve a missing password or research a topic, sometimes it is necessary to put a customer on hold.  And, as much as we can all appreciate Beethoven’s Greatest Hits or Pop Jams Volume 1, having muzak blast in your ears on and off without warning can cause the blood pressure to rise.

So before jumping on that hold button, use your noggin and remember your manners.  Explain how you’ll be helping the customer while they wait and ask permission before putting a customer on hold.  Some customers may be in a hurry and will prefer you returning the call later – plus, they’ll appreciate that you’ve given them the option!

Sneezes & Sputters

Got a cold?  It’s true that those on the other end of the line can’t catch it, but they can sure hear it when you sneeze, cough and clear your throat.  So for the sake of the customer’s ear drums, please be sure to press the mute button or cover the phone or mic so you can at the very least muffle those sounds.  And for heaven’s sake, say “excuse me!”

Dead Air Hanging

You could be the most prepared customer support rep in the business, but sometimes your computer just doesn’t want to cooperate.  So when it’s functioning in slow motion, it’s respectful to let the customer know what’s going on, rather than just leaving dead air.  Keep talking to them while technology keeps up and they’re much more likely to be even keel until you (and that cotton-pickin’ computer) can assist them.


Write Away

Can’t answer a customer’s question or fix a problem immediately?  Keep them in the loop by responding ASAP anyway.  It’s a common courtesy that lets the customer know there’s someone manning the online help desk and help is on its way soon.  If you can give your customer an estimate of when they can expect a resolution, even better!

Say What?

Many people are so busy with their daily lives that they can’t even remember what they ate for breakfast, much less why they emailed your customer support desk.  So help your customers out by including their original email in your response!  In case it slipped their mind, they’ll be reminded of why they contacted you in the first place.  Keeping the thread alive is also a smart way to cover your caboose if a ticket or issue later becomes escalated.

Mister Misses

Let’s say you get a support ticket from a customer named Morgan or Pat.  What about J.J. or Bhavesh, for that matter?  Do you know which customer is male and which is female?  If a new customer writes in or you don’t have the customer’s gender stored in your database, avoid making assumptions by using Mr. or Ms. in your response.  Rather than potentially insulting a customer right off the bat, simply respond by using their first name so that the response is personal and avoids offense.

You’re well on your way to become ladies and gents of the highest order of courteous customer support reps.  We urge you to treat your customers with the utmost respect and reflect only the most positive vibes from your company – you’ll find that in most cases your thankful customers will treat you the same!