It’s a new year and you know what that means – time to hit the gym for a couple weeks until another New Year’s
resolution bites the dust.  However, when it comes to your company, it’s best not to sweep your 2012 goals under the rug.  Hit the ground running and grow a loyal client base by enhancing your customer support program.

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re offering the best support possible is to anticipate customer support requests and questions before issues arise.  Because take it from us, there’s only one thing worse than an angry customer – lots of angry customers!

Do your Research

There’s no one out there who should know your product better than you.  Make sure to perform your own quality assurance checks so you can provide the answers customers need – before they even ask!

Pretend you’re Teaching your Mother

Once you know your product inside and out, using it becomes second nature to you, but not to your customers.  Some people find new products and technology confusing – you know, like the elderly, and your mom.  Try to look at your product as though you’re seeing it for the very first time and describe each task that may need to be performed with very basic step-by-step instructions.  The easier they are to follow, the lower the volume of calls and emails you can expect to receive from customers who “just don’t get it.”

Stay On Top of the Game

Unless you want a mob of angry customers busting down your door, it’s best to have solutions to frequently asked questions readily available – whether they’re posted on your website or as templates inside of your FuseDesk app for your customer support team.

Avoid Foot-in-Mouth Disease

One of the most damaging things you can do for your business is to give your clients the wrong information, or worse – be caught speechless.  So eliminate the potential for tongue-catching felines by preparing email templates that you can easily send to answer common questions right from within FuseDesk. If you have a dedicated help line, create scripts to coach your customer support reps on how to answer a range of questions.  Make sure they familiarize themselves with all the information before jumping on the line with a customer – the quicker they can answer questions, the better!

Stop, Drop and Call for a Manager

It would be rash to think you’ll be able to immediately resolve every single problem that arises, and sometimes customers are not the easiest to handle.  Have a plan in place for tackling difficult customers calmly and professionally, and make sure your employees know when to escalate a case or ask for help.