Coach your customer support, sales, or success team using FuseDesk’s powerful Slack integration.

With this automation, your coaches, mentors, and managers can keep an eye on select cases to provide live feedback to your team as needed.

For example, as you onboard a new team member, you can have each of their replies shared directly with you in Slack. After each new team member “graduates” onboarding, you can remove them from the Automation.

Connecting FuseDesk to Slack

Before we jump in, you’ll want to make sure that your FuseDesk app is connected to your Slack app.

Head to Automations under Settings and then click into the When a Representative Replies to a Case category. Click the green + button to create a New Automation.

Enter a name for your Slack notification automation, and click Next.

Under Actions select Notify Slack and then click to Connect Slack.

If you’ve already connected Slack to FuseDesk you can skip this step!

Configuring Your Slack Notification

With Slack now configured, you can return to your FuseDesk Automation and continue setting it up.

For Conditions, choose which replies you’d like to be notified about.

For example, you can select Rep is Any of to be notified of only replies by certain reps.

You could also (or additionally) choose when Department is Any of to be notified of only replies in certain departments.

If there are certain kinds of cases that you’ve tagged with Case Tags, you could make that a condition, too! Simply choose Case Tag for your condition and select which case tags to be notified about.

Under Actions, you’ll want two specific actions.

First, you’ll want to Notify Slack and then choose a channel (or user) to notify.

Secondly, you’ll want to choose Keep Going from the actions so that additional Automations continue to process.

Click the green Save and Enable button and then drag and drop your new Automation to the right spot in your list of Automations.

Now when a rep replies to a case and it matches the criteria you’ve configured, you’ll be notified via Slack!

Bonus Pro Tip: Get Notified about Case Notes, too!

You can also setup a FuseDesk Automation just like above but for when a Note is Added to a Case. This is a great way to keep an eye on internal notes or phone call logs from certain reps or departments.