An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.” -Dee Hock

We’ve spoken a lot about extraordinary examples of customer service that make the news, but it’s as important (if not more so) to celebrate the daily occurrences of service done right.

When a young mother suddenly discovered that her 16 month old toddler had unclipped part of his car seat buckle on his own, before his mother had even buckled her own seat belt, she knew she had to contact the company. Upon calling Graco and explaining the situation, the representative immediately offered to send a shipping label for the mother to return the car seat and she, in turn, would mail the mother a check for the full retail value of the car seat (even though she purchased it on sale) in order to purchase another one. The mother was astounded by how easy the entire interaction was.


No arguing on the phone, just a clear solution!”

Some companies tout their guarantees as part of their brand identity, but not all are easy to deal with when a customer needs to utilize the warranty or guarantee. LifeProof is not one of those companies. As Gina experienced, LifeProof stands by their products and streamlines the customer service process, resulting in outstanding customer satisfaction. Gina broke her iPhone case after only 4 months. She was able to fill out an online warranty claim and, an astounding 13 minutes after submitting her request, received notice that her request had been processed. Further delighting her was the fact that the replacement was shipped out to her the very next day!

Another mother had an exceptional experience following a Black Friday sale. After lucking out by purchasing an expensive stroller for an incredible price, she received the stroller with some loose stitching. She called the company, provided a picture, and received a shipping notice for a replacement seat the very next day. Proving that this excellent customer service was not a unique experience, this same customer contacted them some months later to inquire about the compatibility and availability of a car seat accessory and had an equally wonderful experience. The representative could not provide a concrete answer to her question as the company had yet to make a final decision to push the needed product into production, so the representative instead offered to provide a bassinet for the impending arrival, gratis, so that the customer would not be left in limbo.

Crazy fantastic customer service!”

Whether your job in customer service involves directly or indirectly interacting with customers, what you do matters to your customers and to your company’s reputation. Every time you right a wrong, stand by a product, or make your customer’s experience just a little easier or faster, you are making people happy and adding value to their experience.