Do you have X-Ray Vision For Your Business?

Are you tracking your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with one central dashboard so you can see your business results and interactive reports in Real-Time, make better decisions and watch your profits soar?

Guiding Metrics is THE reporting and KPI dashboard that can pull in all of your reports, metrics, and stats from hundreds of data sources, combine them in the ways that matter, and present you and your team with your “must know” KPIs.

Automatically Connects To All Your Systems: The Guiding Metrics dashboard connects securely to all the systems and data sources you use in your business.

Complete Visibility Into Your Business: Guiding Metrics gives you real-time metrics for your business. You always know exactly what’s going on and how your business is performing.

Immediately Spot & Fix Problems: The Guiding Metrics dashboard shows you exactly what’s working and what’s not. So you can do more of what’s working and fix problems right away!

Simple & Quick Setup: The Guiding Metrics team custom builds your dashboard for you. Expect to spend less than 30 minutes to help us connect with the systems you currently use.

Dramatically Improve Employee Productivity: When employees see their results in real-time, they become motivated to perform better, and do!

Accessible From Anywhere, Anytime: The Guiding Metrics dashboard is securely hosted in the cloud so you can see your key metrics from mobile devices, tablets, and more.

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How Guiding Metrics Works with FuseDesk

Track your Customer Support KPIs from FuseDesk right in Guiding Metrics, for example first response time, case volume, case resolution time, open cases, “forgotten” cases, customer feedback ratings, customer reviews, and more. Couple this with the other KPIs in your business and you start to unveil the Metrics you need to better Guide your business.