Unforgettable customer service is really the sticking point in obtaining a positive customer outcome! Those companies that go the extra mile set a standard that customer service driven companies should strive to obtain!

Case in Point

According to a recent article published by US News Money, these ten companies rank highest in customer service, based on data from numerous satisfaction agencies as well as testimonials straight from the customers’ mouths.

Amazon – Because we all know how awesome Amazon is. Is there anything you can’t buy there?

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) – Just ask any member of the military—USAA offers outstanding customer service, on top of many other perks!

Lowe’s – Have you ever been in there and NOT had someone ask if you needed help?

Trader Joe’s – Every city needs one. The employees are helpful and the food is affordable!

Marriott – Catering to the business traveler, Marriott employees provide outstanding customer satisfaction!

Home Depot – “You can do it. We can help.” And they do!

Barnes & Noble – Stocked with books as well as music, movies, and toys, Barnes & Noble  efficiently puts it all into our hands, whether it be via online shopping or in the store!

Marshalls – The well-known clothing and accessory store not only ranks high on the customer experience index, but its prices are hard to beat!

Sam’s Club – This wholesale experience is ranked one of the highest in customer service, and the low prices are a good exchange for a reasonable membership fee.

Costco – Much like Sam’s Club, various products, including groceries, electronics, tires, and appliances, are available at a discounted price, for a reasonable membership fee.

It’s All in the Customer Service Satisfaction!

It’s not enough to address customers’ issues. The follow-through needs to be timely and efficient in order to fully satisfy each and every one of them! Otherwise, they feel unvalidated and have no problem taking their business elsewhere!