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How to Surprise Your Customers

Photo by Daderot Where do you expect to find great customer service?  A high end hotel?  Definitely.  A fancy restaurant?  Of course.  A big department store?  Absolutely.  What about the grocery store?  The grocery store?  Beyond a smile at checkout, where are the opportunities for service there?  Actually, they're everywhere when employees are [...]

Mixing Corporate Culture With Service

When we think of industries that have phenomenal customer service, airlines may not be what immediately comes to mind.  However, JetBlue has made it their mission to ensure their customers have not only an excellent travel experience, but an excellent time interacting with their various customer service teams.  They do so by carrying their commitment [...]

If the Customer is Always Right, Do This

The age old adage of "the customer is always right" is thrown around a lot in conversations about how to provide great service, but what does it mean in reality?  What are concrete ways to show a customer that she's always right? Tiffany recently switched telecommunications providers.  She made the move from a big, national [...]

How to Fix a Customer Mistake

There are certainly a good number of cases that come through customer service because customers' errors have created problems for them or another company has dropped the ball, leaving them in a bind. They then reach out to us, hoping that something can be done in order to fix the situation. While not every case [...]

But I Could Never Go Viral

We've all seen them: the stories of outstanding customer service that hit social media and suddenly grow to an audience of epic proportions.  It's fantastic and it's fun, but it seems unattainable.  The customer service equivalent of hitting the lottery.  And we may blame our heretofore lack of viral-worthy opportunities on our perception that our [...]

Setting the Standard: Find Inspiration In These Cases

Reading inspiring customer service stories are an excellent way to focus our efforts on wowing our customers and remind us to connect with them whenever possible.  Here are three such stories. The first involves a customer by the name of Kelly Kinkel.  She had purchased a coat from online retailer, Zulily.  However, when it arrived, [...]

They’ll Pick You (or your baby) Up

When people are asked to list off industries from which they expect great customer service, car rental companies might not be on the shortlist.  But the opportunities for excellent customer service abound and great customer service employees, like John Goodlett, know it. This summer, Coty Vincent was the victim of a traffic accident at the [...]

What Does Dependable Service Look Like?

When cases come across our desks, they are not always issues that can be neatly wrapped up in one contact.  But with repeatedly delaying resolution for these cases, how do we stay squarely in the positive view of our customers?  It is quite simple: by being reliable.  But what does dependability look like when we [...]

Becoming the Standard: L.L.Bean

Just over 100 years ago, Leon Leonwood Bean began what we today know as L.L.Bean, a company with one of the most well-respected reputations for outstanding customer service.  But how does a company exist for over 100 years and maintain this stellar reputation, especially when it began with an utter failure of its first product?  [...]