FuseDesk Case Movement ReportWe’re proud to share with you two new powerful reports and a new visual report selector so you can more quickly find the reports your looking for.

The newly added Case Movement Time report visually shows how long it’s taking you and your team to assign cases, first respond to cases, and resolve cases all in one spot. The values add up, so if you see that it’s taking your team 4 hours to assign a case (blue), 2 more hours to respond to a case the first time (red) and 10 more hours to resolve a case (orange), that means a customer  hears back from your team within 6 hours (2+4) on average, and their cases are resolved within 16 hours (2+4+10) on average.

As you set up internal time targets for Case Assignment, First Response and Resolution, you can use this report to track all 3 metrics in one key, visual report.

The second new report added is First Response Time by Hour of the Day, which shows visually over time and by hour block of the day, how long it’s taking for customers to first hear back (color of the circle) and how many cases are created (size of the circle.)

Just looking at the sizes of the circles, you’ll see the times of day where the bulk of your cases come in, as well as how quickly your team can respond to the new case volume. Seeing more “off hours” support requests with a less than ideal first response time? Perhaps it’s time to have a support rep start earlier or stay later and cover more hours in the day!

infusionsoft custom reports fusedeskLastly, when you go to check out these new reports, you’ll notice small thumbnails of each chart on the report selector to help you more easily select the report you’re looking for without remembering the name each time. Simply click the graphic of the chart you’d like to select and load your latest metrics.

So, what are some ways that you and your team can reduce case assignment time, first response time and case resolution time? That’s our topic for an upcoming post, so stay tuned. In the mean time, enjoy these reporting updates!