All of your outbound emails are sent through Infusionsoft for a few important reasons.

Firstly, this allows us to attach the email to a contact’s record and keep the email in the contact record’s history.

Secondly, for spam compliance reasons, we’re able to centralize and leverage Infusionsoft’s already built in system of managing your opt ins/outs.

Lastly, and most importantly, by sending through Infusionsoft, we’re able to use all the contact’s merge fields and automation links. This allows you to merge in simple things like their name and address, more advanced fields like any of your custom fields, and most awesomely, automation links which create on-the-fly personalized links for folks such that when they click, you can run automation back in Infusionsoft.

Mailing outside of Infusionsoft would break all of this functionality which is why all outbound emails are sent via Infusionsoft.