FuseDesk Color CodesHow do you know which cases need the most attention when you have multiple departments and a bunch of different reps in FuseDesk?

As of this morning, look for the color codes on your sidebar behind the numbers that show how many new cases and how many total cases you have for each rep and in each department.

The color codes are based on the OLDEST updated case for each department and rep.

If there’s a case older than 72 hours, it’ll be red.

If the oldest case is older than 36 hours, it’ll be yellow.

If the oldest case was last updated in under 36 hours, it’ll be green.

Now you can quickly see how well you’re taking care of your customers just by glancing at the colors in the sidebar.

All green, and you’re doing okay. Any yellow and you better start finding out what cases need attention and if you see red… you’ve got trouble.

A case is “updated” when you reply to it, a customer replies to it, a note is added, or it’s transferred, so if any cases need your attention, replying to it is the best tactic.

Even if you don’t yet have the answer for the customer, it’s a great idea to let them know that they’re still on your radar, what the latest news is, and that you’re still working on their case. Now THAT is customer service!