When you add a note in FuseDesk, either a phone call note or a “note” note, it becomes part of the case history and is also stored in the Contact’s notes in Infusionsoft.

At no time are your notes visible to the customer, though. They are for internal use only.

When might you add a note on a case?

It’s generally a good idea to add a note before transferring a case to someone else, if it’s not already clear what the customer needs in an email. This way the person receiving the case from you knows why you need their help.

Another great time to add an internal note is if you have additional research to add. Say, for example, that support receives a request and you need to look up a hard copy order form. You may transfer the case to the home office that has the files asking for confirmation of hard copy, and the person who checks the files might then update the case with how to proceed and pass it back. All this information is stored in the case history!

The most common notes you’ll add, however, are phone notes for when you call a customer or a customer calls you.