When you call an Infusionsoft contact via FuseDesk, you’ll need to have an outbound CallerID setup.

Outbound CallerIDs are set on a department by department basis. Your CallerID can be your company’s main number, a department or brand specific number, or anything you like.

You’ll need to be an admin to edit your departments or add new Caller IDs.

To select a CallerID, click on Preferences, then Departments. Select the department you’d like to edit, and under Dialing, select the number you’d like to have as your outbound CallerID.

There are two ways to add a new Caller ID. You can head to Preferences and Dialing to add a Caller ID there. You can also add a Caller ID right from the department editor.

If you need to add a new number, click on the Add a Number button.

Enter your phone number and optionally your extension and click the Verify button. FuseDesk will then call you and ask you to enter the 6 digit verification code displayed on your screen.

Once you’ve entered the code successfully, you’ll be able to select the newly added number as your outbound Caller ID on a given department.

If the number you’re trying to verify goes to an existing phone system that requires menu navigation, we may not be able to get through your menu to verify your number. In this situation, you may need to temporarily disable your menu, set your number to connect directly to you, request the verification in FuseDesk, and then re-enable your menu after you’ve successfully verified your number.