New Support Ticket and Case SearchToday we rolled out a number of minor upgrades and two major upgrades to FuseDesk. The two major updates are that you can now create a new case from scratch and you can also now search for cases and emails.

Creating New Cases

Sometimes a customer calls in and you want to open a new case for them, or you have another reason to open a new case that doesn’t start with an email.

Now, on the left hand side bar, you can click the New Case link and instantly create a new case.

The description you enter for the case will also be logged as a note in the case history and attached to the customers account in Infusionsoft.

When creating a new support ticket for a customer, you’ll be able to assign it to another rep if you like, and if your colleague has notifications enabled, he or she will get an email that you’ve assigned them a case.

Searching for Cases

Also accessible from the side bar is a Case Search box allowing you to enter a keyword to look for in all cases. If that doesn’t bring up what you’re looking for right away, click on the Advanced Search link above the search box and get way more specific.

You can search for cases based on what rep the case is assigned to, the case status, if it’s an unassigned email (ever close a case by accident?), and more. Try it today by click on Advanced Search.