Infusionsoft Custom Reporting with FuseDesk First Response ReportsThis week we’re proud to roll out a newly updated and far more robust reporting system for all FuseDesk Applications, including yours!

The new reporting system allows you to:

  • View data in a specific data range
  • Group data by day, week or month (Thanks, Terry!)
  • Download your report data to CSV (Thanks, Paul!)

In addition, we added two new reports by popular request:

  • Cases Closed by Rep (Thanks, Carmen!) – How many cases are each of your reps closing each day, week or month? This report now shows the number of cases closed, by rep!
  • First Response Time (Thanks, Brett!) – How long are you taking to respond to cases for the first time? Now you can find out with this quick report that shows how long it took for you to call or email back to the customer for the first time since the customer contacted you. And… this report also shows how many cases have not been responded to at all!
Thank you for the great ideas, suggestions and feedback as we continue to grow.

What other reports would you like to see in FuseDesk? Let us know by commenting below!