Integrated Case Management System for InfusionsoftWelcome to our blog! The blog will be used to keep you up to date on system notices and upgrades, as well as the latest in the world of customer support and customer satisfaction.

For starters, what is FuseDesk?

FuseDesk allows businesses that use Infusionsoft to more effectively handle customer support inquiries with the ability to track issues start to finish, escalate or transfer cases, see full case history and track key business metrics. All of this functionality is fully integrated with your existing Infusionsoft application so you can see full case history from within Infusionsoft and see full customer information from within FuseDesk.

Already have Infusionsoft? Ask us for a FuseDesk demo today! Not yet an Infusionsoft customer? Ask how using Infusionsoft can help to automate your marketing, put your business on autopilot and handle all of your online and offline sales.