Infusionsoft Voicemail TranscriptGreat news! If you get Google Voice voicemails, Vocalocity voicemails, or webinar chat emails from Evergreen Business System, we’ll now treat them special in FuseDesk.

For Voicemails, we’ll look in your Infusionsoft account for contacts with the phone number the call came from. If we find one contact (and only one), we’ll link the email up automatically. If not, the email will still come “from” the person who left the voicemail, but remain unlinked.

Don’t worry, if you have multiple contacts with the same phone number, you can still link the email up with one click after viewing the case.

For emails that come in from Evergreen Business System automated webinar chats, we’ll swap in the from name and address from the body of the email so the webinar questions don’t get grouped together, you can reply directly to the person asking the question, and the case can autolink to your contact in Infusionsoft.

Do you use a voicemail system that sends transcripts to your FuseDesk account? Let us know and we may be able to add support for your voicemail system, too!