You can easily attach files, images, documents, and other attachments to a case in FuseDesk right from the case view.

Attaching a File to a Case

While viewing a case, click to Add a Note and then click Attach Files and select your files to attach.

Complete your note title and body and then click to Add the Note.

Your files will now be attached along with your note and will be viewable right in the case history.

Sending Attachments in Email Replies

If you’re looking to send files to a customer, instead of attaching the files to a note, you’ll want to attach them to an email reply.

To attach files to an email reply, click Reply while viewing a case and then click the Attach Files button next to the send button.

Alternatively, drag/drop a file onto the Attachment button!

Embedding Images in Email Replies

If you’re looking to include an image in the body of your email reply, you can do that, too! This is helpful for including screenshots in your emails.

There are four ways to include an image in your email reply. While writing an email reply, click where you’d like the image in your reply and then:

  1. Simply paste an image or screenshot from your clipboard, or
  2. Click the Upload Image icon at the top of the email reply and select an image, or
  3. Click the Insert Image icon at the top of the email reply and enter the URL to an image, or
  4. Drag/drop an image from your computer into the email reply body