FuseDesk Report can provide valuable insights to make decisions in your business.

For example, you can justify budget and headcount based on how your team is handling case loads in FuseDesk.

The metrics you’ll want to look at include Case Movement times and Case Load.

To get started, head to your Reports and select a date range and time period, for example the Past 90 Days and Weekly.

Next, select the Case Load report.

The Case Load report is going to show you how your case volume has been changing over time, for example, have you been seeing an increase in case volume?

Next up, let’s look at the Case Movement Time report. This report combines three metrics into one: Case Assignment Time, First Response Time, Resolution Time.

At a glance, you’ll be able to tell if your team is taking longer to assign cases, first reply to them, or resolve them.

Is your case volume going up along with your assignment, first response, and resolution times? That likely means that your team is at capacity and additional case load is going to mean additional delays for your customers.

Time to make sure you have the right automations in place, create more templates, and if you’re still losing ground… it may be time to staff up.

One last report to consider in this decision making is your Case Ratings report. If your customer satisfaction is going down as customers are rating cases more poorly (likely due to slow response times), that’s another strong signal. Your team needs some course correction or additional/different team members.

What Automations could help your team handle cases more efficiently? Try these three to get started:

  • Automatically assign Unassigned emails to the right reps in the right department
  • Automatically send a follow up email and close a case after a certain note template is used to log a phone call
  • Automatically close a case after a certain email template is sent