Welcome to the latest version of FuseDesk, v3.9! Like all of our releases, this update includes some major updates, some minor updates, and some bug fixes of note.

HTML Emails!

The most major update in this release that our team has been hard at work at is the support of HTML Emails – both inbound and outbound!

At long last you can send a link to a customer without using a long link, bold something of note, or send over step by step instructions in a list format.

For more information on how we handle HTML emails, head on over to HTML Emails in FuseDesk.

To get started, just open up any of your cases and click to reply via email or open up a template in your FuseDesk template editor!

Searching Email Queues

Now from both the Unassigned and Trash views, you can search for and filter your emails to find just the one you’re looking for.

This improved search also includes infinitely scrolling pagination which allows you to access all of your Unassigned or Trash emails and find just the one that you’re looking for by simply scrolling down further on the page.

After you type enough characters, we’ll even start to highlight the phrase you were searching for.

Head on over to Unassigned or Trash and enjoy this powerful yet elegant new search!

Viewing your FuseDesk API Usage

The Billing Page under Settings now shows you how much your app has been using the FuseDesk API and provides one click access to richer reporting with more details on API Usage.

Each new Seat that you add in FuseDesk can now also increase the number of API Calls allowed in your app and for the first time, you can see these numbers right in FuseDesk.

Check this out by visiting Billing under Settings.

Rep Editor is Fully Migrated

The Rep Editor was the last part of the FuseDesk Admin to be migrated from Legacy to FuseDesk 3 and now allows you to edit reps right in FuseDesk to change their permissions and departments.

You can now select which users are FuseDesk Admins, toggle Case Log viewing preferences, and modify per-rep Case View Permissions right in the app.

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Clicking around the checkbox in a Case Queue now selects the case instead of opening the case giving both mobile and desktop users a larger area to click for selecting a case.
  • Updated file attachment handling in email replies making drag and drop of attachments even slicker.
  • HTML Email Templates also support inline/embedded images so you can add things like your company logo or social media icons to the bottom of your email templates.
  • In rare cases, when removing certain email addresses from an email, they would still get CCed. This has been resolved.
  • Overhauled and refactored Email Queues (i.e. Unassigned and Trash).
  • Clicking into an alert for an email that’s no longer visible in an email queue (like Unassigned or Trash) now loads that email into the queue even if it’s not on the same page
  • The Send button now disables on an email reply when there are invalid or non-mailable email addresses.
  • We now better handle replying to an email that included users with a comma in a contact’s name, like “Smith, Bob”.
  • Including the previous email in an email reply is now as simple as checking (or unchecking) the “Include Quoted Email” box at the bottom or your reply
  • Bulk Reply now works as expected in case queues
  • Merge Fields names were updated to be more visually friendly with spaces in their names