We’ve officially released 3 different versions of the FuseDesk platform today ranging from our Enterprise Plan to our PRO Plan down to our Lite Plan.

Wondering how to pick which plan is best for you?

Our Enterprise Plan is for larger organizations using Infusionsoft with 10+ user accounts, multiple customer support representatives, a billing department, a sales team and more all looking to collaborate using one system that’s 100% integrated with Infusionsoft.

The PRO Plan is our most popular plan and what our customers to date have been using. This is for organizations with more than two reps in house who want to handle customer support ticketing and case management with their Infusionsoft account.

FuseDesk Lite is for customers who have one admin and a business owner who want to share access to cases and escalate up when needed. This is a great place to start for a growing company.

Find out more about the FuseDesk plans and activate your FuseDesk Application today.