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Photo by NYPhotographic

Photo by NYPhotographic

A chill may be in the air, but sales are about to heat up as the holiday season explodes at the start of November.  Everyone in customer service needs to seize the opportunity we currently have before the rush to realign our service delivery with both our service goals and corporate values.

Read Up

The first step is to revisit our mission statements and corporate values.  It’s crucial that we know and remember the details of the branding we present our customers, as that is what they are being conditioned to expect from their interactions with us.  Delivering upon them builds a customer relationship while straying from them erodes customers’ trust.

Review Ourselves

How does our typical case play out?  Do we hit even the small items on the checklist of delivering a great customer experience?  Being honest with ourselves as we assess our present strengths and weaknesses will allow us to triage the areas where we can improve.

Ask For Help

In our line of work, our coworkers are extremely well-versed on how their teammates deliver service.  Asking for constructive advice from the additional sets of eyes and ears around us can lend invaluable insight to keep us at the top of our game.

Set New Goals

Our customers will be more stressed during the holiday season than in the rest of the year.  Knowing this, we can set new goals to be of extra help to them or an additional source of warmth and cheer.  If metrics are routinely available, it’s time to strive for boosting satisfaction scores through concrete ways to make our customers feel better about doing business with us.

Support Each Other

As our case load goes up and our customers get more frazzled, it can be stressful to keep ourselves motivated and committed to delivering the very highest level of service.  However, supporting one another through the sharing of duties, a kind word, and time to let off steam as a team can help ease the strain.  Let’s be alert for opportunities to be helpful to the other people in our department as our reputation is built and maintained as a whole.

We are always in the unique position of having the ability to make our customers feel happy, but we have a special opportunity around the holidays to really affect our customers’ days and experiences as the results of each interaction get magnified through their wish to bring happiness to their friends and families.  Let’s be sure to enter this time of year as prepared as we can possibly be to meet and exceed their hopes and expectations.