Customer service is not that different than other areas of our lives: it’s more fun when we are energized and feeling like our best selves.  Our customers feel that energy and enjoyment from us and it becomes contagious, energizing them and making them feel happier for having interacted with us.  But how do you keep your energy up throughout the day?  We asked customer service agents to share their best tactics with us and this is what they said.


“I have always loved music, so I like to listen to my ‘Energy Playlist’ whenever I go on break.  It makes me feel upbeat and like I’m ready to tackle anything.  I feel like my help tickets go more smoothly when I come back to my desk because I’m really in a happy place.”


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Join your coworkers for a brisk walk.

Join your coworkers for a brisk walk.

“I read an article once that sitting passively starts creeping into our mood, making it more passive, too.  I swapped out my chair for an exercise ball chair and it has been dramatic for me.  Keeping my brain and body present really keeps me alert, and if I start to feel a lull, I do a few stretches on it and it A) makes me laugh at myself and B) gives me a new surge of energy.  I’m better with details when I have more energy and I think my customers appreciate that.”


“Everyone on my team laughs at me, but I have a big collection of mint teas, peppermints, mint gum, you name it.  Between the simple act of snacking and the energizing quality of mint, I come back from breaks ready to give each call my all.  I just feel fresh.  And it doesn’t hurt that there are now a bunch of inside jokes in our team that center around my obsession with mint.  I thus tell everyone that it’s improving their day as well.”


“When lunchtime rolls around, I put on my sneakers and head out with some other ladies from our department to power walk our office park.  The sunshine and exercise refreshes us, but so does the time spent socializing.  It gives us the chance to laugh with each other and come back to work relaxed and happy.  I definitely notice a difference in how much extra, conscious effort it takes to keep myself energized on rainy days.  I love my lunchtime club.”


“I discovered stand up comedy albums about a year ago and love the escape they offer.  My company has been having some manufacturing and supply issues for a while now, so our case volume has gone way up and I thus deal with a lot more unhappy people than I normally would.  Having the ability to unplug from that and listen to whichever comic I’ve downloaded is great!  I get to laugh and have a mental break.  When I go back to the phones, I’m in such a great mood and actually laugh with customers who started off very irritated with their orders.  I think happiness is contagious.”

Instead of hitting the coffee pot or simply dragging through the day, it’s both more fun and more effective to utilize some natural ways to boost both our energy and our moods.  Have you implemented any ways to keep the fun in your work day?  Share them with us!