To keep your app working super speedy, we have a two step caching system to minimize sending the same large data sets up and back again and again.

As a first step, we store a local copy of the names of all of your action sets, tags and templates in your Infusionsoft App so we don’t have to hammer Infusionsoft’s servers every time you need a list of templates.

We refresh this list every day or so from Infusionsoft, even though between you and your team you may be requesting this list hundreds or thousands of times an hour and you likely have thousands of action sets and templates in your Infusionsoft app, including many “hidden” templates and action sets that we have to locally filter out for you.

Secondly, we ask your browser to keep a copy of this same list and refresh from us only when needed.

You can refresh your cache easily by clicking Preferences and then Cache Management and seeing when we last refreshed your caches, and optionally requesting that we refresh them again right now.

If you’re missing a new template, action set, or tag, or if one the name of an existing Infusionsoft template, action set or tag is out of date, refreshing your Infusionsoft Cache in FuseDesk will fix this.