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FuseDesk Commitment to Excellence

Building Wealth through Real Estate with Keyspire’s Michael and Scott  

In 2002 Michael Sarracini and Scott McGillivray of Keyspire were just two guys in college living on their own for the first time. They rented a house, and five friends moved in together.

Michael and Scott made ends meet as waiters at a local restaurant, but that did nothing to forward their goals of building personal wealth and making a positive impact on people around the world.

Then suddenly, they learned something that began the journey that led to founding Keyspire, a training company that teaches people how to invest in real estate everywhere – from anywhere.

An Accidental Discovery

Michael and Scott decided to work together to achieve their goals. When they formed a boy band, money and influence seemed within reach. But… the band broke up and they had to find another way.

Their “aha moment” came when they deposited rent into their landlord’s account. The bank teller accidentally gave them a deposit slip showing both the renters’ deposit and the landlord’s mortgage payment.

They could hardly believe their eyes. The landlord’s mortgage payment was half the amount of the rent he was collecting, and he pocketed the other half – every month.

The Road to Success

Encouraged by realtors they met waiting tables, the two friends used their college funds to buy their first rental property. They lived in the basement and rented out the upstairs, bought more rental properties and achieved phenomenal success.

Word spread on campus and Michael and Scott got additional exposure when they wrote books and were offered TV shows. They became local celebrities – all before graduating from college.

Founding Keyspire

Michael and Scott discovered that people want to learn how to achieve success by investing in real estate. There was a need in the marketplace to teach others.

“It’s easy to say you can buy homes, rent them out and make money. We founded Keyspire in 2013 to teach people to make informed decisions and learn real estate investment strategies.”

Keyspire offers a variety of support for real estate investors such as on-demand training, live events, one on one coaching, networking groups, and their premium Investor Summit event that brings together the training, people, and investments in one place for investors to take the next step in their portfolio.

Striving for Customer Service, Support and Delight

Michael and Scott hold customer service as one of their most important values. “The kind of customer service you receive from the moment you sign up – whether it’s a free class or a paid training – says a lot.”

“It’s all about relationships. If you don’t provide the customer with a pleasant experience, they won’t want to spend money with you. We strive for the best customer experience possible.”

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

The partners say that people choose Keyspire because of the success of their students. “We provide the tools, resources and education they need.”

Michael and Scott find that their biggest challenge is managing customer expectations. “The students who achieve success have worked really hard. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It all comes down to how much work you put in.”

The partners use FuseDesk to find out how their customers enjoy working with Keyspire. “We really like using the Feedback tools in FuseDesk. As soon as we communicate with our customers, they get the feedback survey email asking how the experience was.”

“That’s one of the greatest metrics. It helps us stay on our toes, get insights on how we can improve and provide the best experience we can.”

Delivering Answers Quickly

The partners find that FuseDesk templates are one of the best tools. “In a business like ours there are repetitive answers. It really helps our support team to leverage templates so they can respond to customers quickly.”

“FuseDesk gives us full visibility of our communication with the customer. Even if someone reaches out to us two months later, when the email comes in, we see all the previous communication with that customer. We get a broader view of what’s going on.”

Michael and Scott believe they are providing a great experience and they will continue to do so. “With COVID, everybody has learned how to be tolerant and patient, and more receptive to people’s frustrations. Based on feedback, we will continue to make improvements.”

They emphasized that they take customer feedback very seriously. “We make sure we implement anything we can, within reason. And we will continue so we can provide the best experience possible.”

Excellence is Attainable.

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“FuseDesk gives us full visibility of our communication with the customer. Even if someone reaches out to us two months later, when the email comes in, we see all the previous communication with that customer. We get a broader view of what’s going on.”

– Michael Sarracini, Keyspire