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Sympathy vs Empathy – There Is a Difference!

When it comes to identifying with your customer, there is a huge difference between having sympathy for them and having empathy for them. Sympathy involves identifying with, and even taking on that person’s emotions, while empathy means you acknowledge and affirm a customer’s emotional state. The Power of Empathy Responding to your customers with sympathy [...]

Rethinking Your Customer Support System with a Few Helpful Tidbits!

It’s no secret that a company will greatly thrive based on exceptional customer service encounters. Yet again, it’s no secret a company that fails to meet consumer expectations will battle a wildfire, word-of-mouth, backlash! Don’t believe us? See for yourself, here! Keep your fires at bay with some of these impressive stats. 68 percent of [...]

If It Doesn’t Give Customers Warm Fuzzies, You’re Doing It Wrong!

Unforgettable customer service is really the sticking point in obtaining a positive customer outcome! Those companies that go the extra mile set a standard that customer service driven companies should strive to obtain! Case in Point According to a recent article published by US News Money, these ten companies rank highest in customer service, based [...]

I.C.E. Keytags: A Company With Purpose

Tom Force with I.C.E. Keytags is the "Best in Class" winner for ‪2014. Tom’s company is amazing in the first place, because his I.C.E. Keytags help inform loved ones and next of kin instantaneously when there’s a medical emergency. His inspiration came from a really powerful personal experience. In January 2010, Tom’s seventy-four-year-old mom was [...]