We often focus on the customers in need, those who are having a problem, the squeaky wheels.  But how often are we simply reaching out with unprecedented customer support, just to check in on those who are ultimately responsible for keeping us all gainfully employed?

Sometimes a simple thank you email is the most influential thing a company can do to earn a customer’s continued loyalty and support.

Please and Thank You

By two years old, most of us have learned these niceties, and yet rarely do companies reach out with these polite words unprompted.  However, if you don’t stay in touch with satisfied customers, you may fade away from their memory as easily as you forgot how to find the lowest common denominator.

At FuseDesk, we don’t want content customers to be forgotten.  That’s why we recommend adding some positive flair to your online help desk with campaigns that aim to nurture the customer, remind them you’re there for them, and creep back into their memory.

Everything Copacetic?

How about a simple “thank you for your business” email?  Just make it part of an Infusionsoft follow-up sequence after customers make a purchase.  Check in, confirm everything with their order was status quo and let customers know how they can get in touch with customer support if they need you.

And, for customers who have had some recent trouble for which they needed your support, you might consider reaching out a few weeks later with a follow-up phone call to see if there’s anything more you can do.  Even if they no longer need your assistance, they’ll be touched that you thought of them and took the time out of your busy day to call.  It’s enough to turn a customer’s frown upside down, and a positive experience passed on to others is great for word-of-mouth!

We Miss You

In romantic relationships, absence may make the heart grow fonder, but when it comes to customers and businesses, you need to keep communication and sales coming in to stay afloat.  So send out a little “thanks for your loyalty/we miss you” email to make your customers feel special.  There doesn’t even have to be a specific sales message – the simple fact that they’ve heard from your company will keep your brand in their mind and they’ll delight in the warm fuzzy of knowing that they’re appreciated.

News & Updates

Recently introduce a brand new product or service?  Revamp your website or redesign the store?  Lower your prices?  Shoot out an email highlighting all of your updates.  This works on both satisfied customers and those who may have had some issues in the past.  If you position the messaging as “we’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve made some changes with you in mind,” you could retain some customers who may have been leaning towards giving up on your business.

It only takes a minute to make a customer smile, and it’s a great way to break up a long day of dealing with more challenging issues.  We guarantee that if you take some time to thank your customers and shower them with positive energy, it will have an impact on repeat business – and might improve your own attitude too!