Contact Us Customer Support InfusionsoftWhen you need directions, you head to your favorite online map site and find the shortest route from here to there.  When you can’t remember the whoshisface actor in whatchamacallit movie, you head to the Internet Movie Database for a search.  But when you need help with a specific product or service, you head to an individual company’s website where you can find answers to all of your questions – most of the time.

Have you ever gone to a company’s website and gotten so lost in the maze of their navigation that you never found the information that brought you to the site in the first place?  We don’t want you and your business to end up in the same trap, which leads to frustrated customers that may lose faith in your company.  Be sure to include all of the following on your website to offer the best customer support possible!

Contact Information

Sure, it seems like common sense to include contact information on your site, but sometimes companies actually omit their phone number, email address or street address making it impossible for customers to communicate!  Other companies simply make this information impossible to find.

We recommend including your main company phone number (or specific customer support help line if you have one) as well as your street address and/or separate mailing address, plus any direct customer support email address you have.  Make sure this information is easy to locate on a designated customer support or help page, or simply include it at the bottom of every page on your website for easy access no matter where your customers browse.

It’s also imperative that you triple-check that the information you include is correct, because there’s nothing more frustrating than getting an email bounce-back or hearing the ear-piercing tones of a disconnected number.

Hours of Business

Y’know what’s even worse than misprinting your phone number?  Having customers show up to your place of business when you’re closed for the day.  Your online help desk may be available 24-7 for customer support emails, but when a customer makes a pointless drive to your office to meet you face to face, they’ve wasted their time and energy.  It’s even frustrating to call a business and go through a complicated phone menu just to find out when you can call back and speak to an actual customer support representative.  So ease your customers’ pain and list your hours of business front and center on your help page, or include them at the bottom of every page along with your contact information so they know exactly when they can reach you.

Response Time

If you have an automatic customer support email response, it’s important to give customers a realistic time frame of when they can expect a response.  This may vary from time to time, especially if you’re experiencing a high volume of calls and emails.  However, when you can deliver wow and respond ahead of schedule, you’ll fill your customers’ hearts with loyalty.

You may even want to list your average response time on the website so customers can decide whether they’d rather call or visit your business if they can’t find answers in your…


Increasingly important these days, Frequently Asked Questions can resolve minor issues and answer common questions on the spot so that your customer support reps can focus primarily on escalated calls and emails.

At FuseDesk, we include FAQs on our help page and post new ones whenever a user has brought a great question to our attention.  Simply keep track of questions that are asked via email or on calls often to offer updates to your general FAQs and keep your customers informed with the most up-to-date information so they can find answers – even when they’re on the go!

These simple yet effective tips will help you help your customers by offering the basic information they need to get in touch and find answers fast!