What happens when you need to create a new case from something other than an inbound email?

You click New Case on the sidebar to create a new case!

When creating a new case, the first field you’ll fill in is the name of the Contact, i.e. the customer, caller, or whoever you’re creating the case for. After you create the case, you’ll be able to link the Contact to your Infusionsoft, so for now, just enter their name as you know it.

By default, we assign this case to you in your default department, but you can change who you want to Assign this case to by selecting a different person and/or department from the list. The note will still come from you – this just determines where the case goes next.

By default, all cases have a Status of New, but you can change this to Open if the case is awaiting further action from the customer or Closed if you feel the case is done and closed upon adding the note. For example, if a customer called and you resolved the case right then and there (Go You!), then you’d mark the case as Closed.

Next, you can set the Note Type which by default is set to a Phone Call. If you’re creating a new case from something else, like a fax message, letter, singing telegram or carrier pigeon, simply choose Note.

The case Summary is what we’ll use to identify this case and use for the subject line in all email correspondence with the customer on this case. That means that the Summary is customer facing! The best Summary is what the customer would write if they were sending you an email. Examples:

  • Question – Bad! Not specific enough
  • Pain in the butt customer called for the twelfth time – Bad! Your customer wouldn’t want to see this
  • Left VM – What were you calling about?
  • RMA re: TTN4 – What? These acronyms might make sense to you, but not the customer
  • Trouble logging into the membership site – Good! Succinct, descriptive and customer friendly

For the Details, enter in the details of the note, for example, what was covered on the phone call, what issue the customer was facing, how you tried to resolve the situation, what finally resolved the situation, what you agreed to do, what the customer agreed to, what the outcome was, etc…

Click on Add Case to add the case where you can then link it up to a customer, and even reply by email, if you like!