SixthDivision is recognized as one of the top client journey and marketing automation agencies in the world that has served thousands of businesses helping them better design, architect, and implement their client journeys and marketing automation tools to grow revenue, save time, and ultimately use automation to build a business they actually want.

Brad and his team at SixthDivision have worked with recognizable brands such as Dave Ramsey, Daymond John, Frank Kern, JJ Virgin, Joe Polish’s Genius Network, Mike Calhoun’s Board of Advisors,, and thousands of other small business looking to create predictable client journeys through automation.

The end result is that they have restored order and sanity to the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs, and created a proprietary, step-by-step process that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to be confident about what they should be implementing in their business AND how to actually get it implemented.

The Master Builder Program is for entrepreneurs who don’t really want to figure it out themselves, and want someone to help them plan, design, and implement their Automatic Client Journey™.

“We all have tons of ideas. But, many of those ideas never actually turn into reality. SixthDivision has a process to get your ideas implemented quickly, so you can start turning them into money! I highly recommend SixthDivision!” – Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer

“I’ve come to SixthDivision and been transformed. It’s worth 10 times the investment in the time you will save alone!” Frank Kern

“SixthDivision helped save our team a total of 12 hours per week!” — Joe Polish, President of Piranha Marketing & Founder of Genius Network

“Everybody I asked in the industry who knew what they were talking about referred SixthDivision. I realized I had to go to who I considered the best. And, they’re the best for a reason.” — Daymond John, The Shark Group 

“Since SixthDivision, we’ve had over 180,000 opt-ins and no longer have broken funnels!” JJ Virgin