You have a membership site and want to handle your members differently based on their membership level, for example providing VIP support to your VIP members.

In FuseDesk, there are a number of great ways you can accomplish this and see how well your team is doing.

To start with, let’s make sure your customers are tagged in your CRM as VIP customers, or Silver/Gold/Platinum, or whatever you call your membership levels.

You’ll likely automatically apply/remove this tag as the start/end their membership.

Setting up a VIP Department in FuseDesk

In FuseDesk, let’s make sure you have a VIP Department.

Head to Departments under Settings and click Add Department.

Choose a Department name for your members, like VIP Support.

Adding a Department in FuseDesk

Click Add Department.

Automatic Email Routing in FuseDesk

When an email comes into FuseDesk, you can setup an Automation to check if they have the tag you’re looking for in your CRM and then route the email to your VIP support team.

Head to Automations under Settings and click Add New to add a new Automation.

For Name, enter something like VIP Routing

For When, choose An Unassigned Email Comes In.

Click Add Automation.

Configure your Automation as follows:


  • Infusionsoft Tag Is ANY Of VIP Member (or whatever tags you created above)


  • Assign To VIP Support (or whatever department name you chose above)

Click Save And Enable.

FuseDesk Automation to Assign to VIP Support by Tag

Alternatively (or in a separate Automation), you can set a condition that the To includes [email protected], i.e. a special email address you choose to make available just to VIP members so you can route emails that way.

Reporting on VIP Support

Want to see how well your VIP Support Team is doing?

Head on over to Reports in FuseDesk and filter or group by department.

After selecting your report, click on the Filter or Group tabs.

For Filter, you can choose which departments you want to look at.

For Group, you can choose to group by department.

FuseDesk Case Distribution Report by Department

For example, you can look at:

  • Case Volume by department to see how many cases your VIP team is handling vs. regular support.
  • First Response Time by Department
  • Case Resolution Time by Department
  • Case Ratings by department
  • And more!

Actionable Intel

What can you do with the insights from these reports?

You might choose to put your more experienced reps in VIP Support.

You might choose to staff up your VIP support department if the first response and case resolution times are too high.

You might choose to adjust your case coloring in the VIP department settings for shorter SLAs.

The end result of this is that you’ll be able to offer a different level of support to your VIP members and see how well your team is doing.