Imagine if you could turn your customer feedback and case ratings into a testimonial machine…

Your team delights your customers. Your customers leave great feedback. Make sure your whole team knows about it and turn that feedback into a Testimonial.

For this FuseDesk Automation, we’re going to get a few things setup first.

Email Reply Template

Create a follow up email template to thank your customer for the great feedback and ask for a public testimonial / rating.

In FuseDesk, click on Email Templates under Settings and click Add New.

Change your reply name to the business owner, face of the business, or customer support manager.

Write something along the lines of:

Thank you so much for your great feedback! We love hearing from clients like you about how our team is doing, and if it’s not too much to ask, we’d love for you to share the love online, too!

Would you be open to leaving us a five star review?

It’d mean the world to my team and to me. You can write your review online at:

I really appreciate it!

Save your template.

Slack Channel for #Kudos

If you’re using Slack, create a channel for customer feedback and ratings.

We like the channel name of #kudos but you can use whatever you like. And if you don’t use Slack, you can just skip that Action below.

Create Your Automation

Head to Automations under Settings and click to Add New Automation.

Name your Automation.

Select “Feedback is Left on a Case” for the When.

Feedback Left Automation for Testimonial Machine
Add a new Feedback Automation

Configure your automation as follows:

Automation Type: Feedback Left


  • Rating is equal to 5 Stars


  • Reply By Email (with the template you created above)
  • Notify Slack on the channel you selected above

Your finished Automation should look something like this:

Automation Feedback Testimonial Machine

Feedback and Rating Reports in FuseDesk

With your automation in place you’ll be able to instantly follow up with great reviews, but if you want to review your stats, trends, and insights over time, you can do that, too!

Simply head to Reports in FuseDesk and then select either the Case Feedback report to see all feedback left on cases or the Case Ratings report to see how your ratings have been trending over time.

FuseDesk Case Feedback Report

You can even download your reports, export them, or get the API URL to access the reports anytime outside of FuseDesk!