When a member reaches out and wants to upgrade their membership or subscription with you, your team can easily handle this with FuseDesk automation by simply applying a FuseDesk Case Tag.

This works beautifully for membership sites like Memberium, CustomerHub, or AccessAlly, and plays wonderfully with Infusionsoft’s native e-commerce subscriptions.

Getting Ready

Let’s put a few pieces in place before we get started.

  1. In FuseDesk, head to Case Tags under Settings and create a FuseDesk Case Tag called Upgrade Membership. You can call this whatever you want, for example Upgrade Silver to Gold Membership, Upgrade to VIP, etc…
  2. Head to Templates under Settings and create a new Email Template called something like “Membership Upgrade Confirmation” to confirm the upgrade. You’ll want copy along the lines of “Thanks so much for your interest in upgrading your membership! This email is to confirm that you are now a VIP Member billing at….” Note down the name of your new template.
  3. In Infusionsoft, create a Legacy Action Set to cancel the subscription and create a new subscription.
  4. In Infusionsoft, open up Campaign Builder and create a new campaign.
    • Add a Goal of Tag Added and create a new tag named something like “Upgrade Membership [Automation]”
    • Link this to a new Sequence and head into the Sequence
    • Add a Remove Tag Process and remove the automation tag above.
    • Also remove any lower level membership tags (like Silver Member, etc…)
    • Add a Apply Tag Process and apply any tags that indicate the customers new membership level, for example Gold Member or VIP Member
    • If your membership program uses the password field, you can also add the Set Field Value process to clear out their password.
    • If you need to run an HTTP POST to your membership site or platform to update them, you can add that here, too
    • Add an Action Set (Legacy) process and choose your Action Set from above to cancel old subscription and start the new one.

      FuseDesk Membership Upgrade Automation in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

      Example of Membership Upgrade Automation in Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder

    • Mark your Sequence as Ready
    • Publish Your Campaign
  5. Back in FuseDesk, head to Cache Management under Settings and refresh your Templates and Infusionsoft Tags.

Setting up the Automation

  1. Head to Automations under Settings and click Add New Automation.
  2. Give your automation a Name, like Upgrade Membership (or whatever makes sense for your team).
  3. For When, choose A Case Tag is Applied.
  4. Click the green New Automation button.
  5. For your Automation Conditions, choose:
    • Case Tag Applied and select the case tag you created above.
  6. For Automation Actions, choose:
    • Apply Infusionsoft Tag and choose the campaign builder tag from above
    • Reply by Email and choose your confirmation email template created above
    • Notify Slack (if you use Slack) so your team knows about the membership upgrade
    • Change Status to Closed
  7. Click Save and Enable
Example of a FuseDesk Automation to Upgrade Membership

Example of a FuseDesk Automation to Upgrade Membership

Triggering the Upgrade Automation

Now, pull up a case in FuseDesk. On the Case Tags tab, simply apply the Upgrade Membership case tag from above and voila! Membership is upgraded, customer is notified, your team is notified, and the case gets closed!

Done-For-You Automation Setup

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