Help Desk Migration

Help Desk Migration is a data migration solution that allows to quickly and accurately move the support records from your previous help desk to FuseDesk.

When upgrading to a new support ticketing platform, you need to transition tons of help desk data. This can be a burdensome process for those not familiar with it, but it doesn’t have to be!

Help Desk Migration offers a simple way to import all of your help desk and support ticketing data directly into FuseDesk without disrupting your support workflow. No coding, additional staff or special knowledge needed.

Using their service, you can import Ticket history, information about your Agents, Contacts, and Departments along with Notes, Attachments, and Tags.

Help Desk Migration also offers a Free Demo Import. It is your safe playground where you can test all you need before starting the big move.

Start your migration to FuseDesk today by importing a test batch of records right now!