Easy Pay Direct’s All-In-One payment solution offer a seamless Infusionsoft integration experience while providing industry-leading customer service. A one-stop-shop for all things payment related, Easy Pay Direct will make your life easier.

The ability to accept credit cards online is almost a given these days, but could your business survive if that ability suddenly disappeared?

That is the nightmare scenario too many merchants end up facing at some point as they grow their business.

Choosing the right payment provider can make all the difference in the world to your business…
…not to mention keeping your sanity :)

Easy Pay Direct’s comprehensive capabilities will take your company from first sale to IPO and beyond.

Here at FuseDesk, we’ve been working with the team at Easy Pay Direct for years, and we LOVE them and what they do.

They’re not just a payment provider getting all the numbers in the right columns; they’re experts in their field and they truly get why and how Customer Support can make the difference in the percentages of returns, refunds, and chargebacks a given merchant experiences. In essence, they get FuseDesk, and how what we do can improve a merchant’s relationship with their payment provider.

And in turn, we get Easy Pay Direct, and how what they do can keep our customers from suffering major business trauma. Diversify your credit card processing with EPD to minimize “frozen” accounts, and merchant reserves.

EPD’s stellar in-house team will:

  • Review your situation – InfusionPay may not be the right fit for you, but Easy Pay Direct will find the solution best tailored to your business needs
  • Walk you through the merchant account application process – Ever wonder why banks ask the questions that they do? They can tell you :)
  • Handle communication with the underwriters – Stop getting declined just because you don’t speak “bank-ese”
  • Assist integrating your merchant account and gateway with Infusionsoft – It’s super easy and it only takes a minute!
  • Provide lifetime support for your accounts – Chargebacks? No problem. New Address? They can handle that. Product Launch coming up? Yup, they do that too.

As a FuseDesk partner, Easy Pay Direct is offering all FuseDesk clients a complimentary consultation, during which our Certified Payment Specialists (trust us, they’ve seen it all) will discuss how you can simplify your life while protecting your business.

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with an expert TODAY.

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