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Image by Yeowatzup

Image by Yeowatzup

Whenever we come into contact with our customers, we have opportunities to wow them.  Sometimes the opportunities are obvious, other times they are more subtle, only apparent to us when we are actively on the hunt, looking for unexpected ways to absolutely delight them.

Take Joshua’s recent experience with a specialty store.  He had spent his whole life dreaming of a certain toy set he had desperately wanted as a child.  Over the years, fewer and fewer were still available and the prices had thus been driven up.  However, he was finally in a position to buy a few of these toys.  He initially placed an order for just one.  Upon quickly receiving it, he was so thrilled that he went back to the website and ordered another.  Then another.  Then another.  Finally, he went back and ordered several at once.  “I was so happy to get these toys.  Having them was a major goal for me as a little kid; they were all I could think about for years and I was always sad when another Christmas or birthday would pass and I didn’t get one.  When I found this retailer and saw that they had so many, I almost couldn’t believe it.  I kept going back to get more.  I couldn’t help it.”

Joshua was already happy with his purchase experience, but Anthony, the owner of the shop, didn’t stop at providing great merchandise with an easy buying experience.  As the orders from the same customer kept rolling in, Anthony immediately took note.  He valued Joshua’s patronage and wanted to do something to say thank you for being an excellent customer.  “It was clear that Joshua really, really liked these toys.  As order after order hit my desk, I knew I wanted to surprise him.  He was a great customer to have and I really appreciated his business.  I wrote him with one of his orders, asking him some ‘innocent’ questions about his collecting.  What I was really doing was gathering intel to send him a surprise that would mean something to him.”

Upon receipt of Joshua’s final order, Anthony included extra add-on parts and a large bag of accessories to further complete Joshua’s collection.  “I couldn’t believe it when I opened the shipping box and found tons of stuff I didn’t order.  It was awesome stuff I’d never even seen for sale anywhere before.  I thought it was an error until I saw a post-it in the box, saying thanks for my business.  I really couldn’t believe it.  My collection is complete, but if I ever need a gift or something for someone else, his website is the first place I’m looking.  And I told everyone I know and probably half of Facebook about how awesome that store is.”

Anthony did an excellent job of creating an opportunity to take a “normal” good customer service experience and turning it into one that the customer will never forget.  Let’s keep ourselves on high alert for all of the not so obvious chances to connect with our customers just like Anthony did.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]