wedeliver-email-logoHaving Problems With Your Infusionsoft Email Deliverability?

If Nothing Else Has Fixed The Problem, Might Be The Solution You Need!

What Can WeDeliver.Email Do For You?

WeDeliver.Email gives you the flexibility and choice to use the third party email service of your choice, without moving away from Infusionsoft and without changing the way your email broadcasts, campaigns, or support emails work.

It allows you to use Infusionsoft to send your emails via Transactional Email Service Providers such as SparkPost, Mandrill and SendGrid.

How Does WeDeliver.Email Work?

Emails are sent from Infusionsoft to WeDeliver.

WeDelier.Email then sends those emails to the audience using the third-party email service of your choice.

Why Might I Want To Do This?

If you want the flexibility of being able to choose which email service to use to get your messages to your audience, while still retaining the amazing automation features of Infusionsoft, this solution is for you!

  • Remove the “via”header that appears on emails in some mail programs
  • Modify the automation links in your emails so that every link goes via your own domain rather than the domain
  • Digitally sign every email from your own sending domain, rather than the domain
  • Optionally, use your own dedicated IP address to send emails (but consider the implications carefully before doing this!)
  • Quickly and easily report on clicks and opens for the emails that you send from Campaign Builder
  • Get incredibly in-depth reporting on your email statistics by using third party real-time monitoring and alerting solutions such as Email Copilot

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How WeDeliver Works with FuseDesk

When your support team sends replies from FuseDesk to your customers, have those email automatically routed through Infusionsoft and WeDeliver to improve inbox deliverability to your customers.

All of your Infusionsoft merge fields, custom fields, and automation links still merge just as you’d expect as the email goes through Infusionsoft, but now the emails end up mailing so you control your reputation and deliverability instead of Infusionsoft!

Configuring FuseDesk to work WeDeliver

After you setup your WeDeliver account, simply change the To email address on your Infusionsoft templates that you use with FuseDesk to send to ~Contact.EmailAddress2~ instead of ~Contact.Email~. This will route them through WeDeliver!