As you read through articles about customer service, there are endless lists of things that customers want from companies when they interact with them.  But if we distill everything down to a single desire, what customers really want is an easy interaction.  If they need advice, they want to obtain it easily.  If they want to buy something, they don’t want the process to be complicated.  If they need a solution, they want it offered up quickly.

Have you ever had a problem with a piece of 16661140289_46490912f8_otechnology but put off calling customer service because you couldn’t spare the amount of time you knew you’d need to go round and round with troubleshooting?  Or you just were not up for grinding down the various agents you knew you’d need to get through before finding one that would actually help you?  If so, you’ll appreciate Julianna’s experience.

She had purchased a personal fitness tracker for herself and was quite happy with it.  That is, until it died within the first two months of owning it.  She called the company to troubleshoot it and was quickly walked through various ways of attempting to reset it.  When those attempts failed, the representative immediately offered a replacement.  Having suffered a bit of buyer’s remorse on her choice of color when the new colors were released, she asked if she might have a replacement in the updated blue.  The representative immediately agreed and assured her the new device would be sent out promptly.  Within three days, her replacement device, in the updated color, was happily upon her wrist.

Proving that this case was not an anomaly, another customer of the same company had a device that started to rapidly drop charge after half a day.  She also called the company for help.  Like Julianna, she was quickly walked through various techniques to troubleshoot her battery problem.  When those methods failed to jumpstart her device, the representative offered her a replacement.

These experiences stood out for the customers as especially satisfying because they were so easy.  When they had problems, they were quickly provided support and, when that failed to resolve the issues, there was no resistance to fixing the problems with prompt replacements.  Both women appreciated how simple their customer service experiences were and now enthusiastically and vocally sing its praises.

The ability to provide easy, quality service to customers with consistency is precisely what every customer is seeking from the companies that she comes into contact with.  Let’s work hard to ensure that our customers always have the easiest of experiences when they seek our assistance.  If we can achieve it, our customers will be as loyal and enthusiastic about our companies as these two ladies are about theirs.