If you’re getting errors about your Infusionsoft / Keap API Key being invalid, there are a few things that could be causing this issue.

First, make sure that you have an Encrypted API key set in your Infusionsoft application.

In Infusionsoft / Keap, navigate to Admin | Settings, click on Application on the left, and scroll down to Encrypted API Key.

If it’s blank, enter something into the API Passphrase, and click Save. This will provide you with your Encrypted API Key.

API Key still not working? It might be an Allowed IP Issue.

Check below the Encrypted API Key for the box of Allowed IPs.

If there are IP addresses in this box, and the IP addresses for your FuseDesk app aren’t there, we won’t be able to access your Infusionsoft app.

Either empty this box, or add the IP address for your FuseDesk app into that box and click Save.

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