Turn any WordPress Site Into an Advanced Membership Site That’s Integrated with Keap.


Memberium lets you use some of Keap’s most powerful features in WordPress. With this plugin, you can easily add one-click-upsells, embed legacy order forms, create advanced campaigns, pull e-commerce data and much more.

You can easily use all of the automated features available in Keap and run your own membership site that practically runs itself.

Memberium has a full team to support you and they’re dedicated to making a product that is fast, secure, scalable, easy on your server, easy to maintain, extendable and fast.

What you can do with Memberium?

  • Instantly turn your new or existing WordPress site into an advanced, automated membership site.
  • Integrate Keap’s automation tools and set your site up to run itself.
  • Includes licenses for unlimited subdomains for testing and live sites under your main domain.
  • Create an unlimited amount of free, paid or trial membership levels.
  • Run a site with an unlimited amount of free and paid members.
  • Sell an unlimited amount of online courses or memberships through your WordPress site.
  • Sell an unlimited amount of digital products, downloads or services through your WordPress site.
  • Add one click upsells, Legacy order forms, integrate advanced campaign actions.
  • Allow your members to self manage their own accounts, cancel memberships and update their own payment info.

Some of the different uses you can use Memberium for:

  • Build and sell membership sites.
  • Create online course portals.
  • Sell and fulfill digital product orders.
  • Create a private online employee training programs.
  • Create Secure customer account management areas.
  • Create ‘freebies’ to generate leads for your business.
  • Build custom affiliate resource sites for Keap based affiliate programs.

Don’t have FuseDesk yet? No problem! Get a free, no credit card required, fully functional, demo app right now:

How Memberium Works with FuseDesk

When your members are logged into your Memberium membership site, they’ll be able to see their cases and even open new cases with ease.

Since they’re already logged in, we know your members’ name, email and contact details so all your members have to do is ask their question to instantly open a new case in your FuseDesk app!

Configuring Memberium to work with FuseDesk

Install our free WordPress plugin on your Memberium WordPress site