One of the most powerful automations in FuseDesk is the ability to run automation on inbound emails.  Some emails – like receipts – aren’t support related emails and shouldn’t be coming into your support queue.

There are two ways to handle these “non case” emails so you and your team can stay focused on actual customer inquiries.

Automatically creating cases from non-case emails will bog down your inbox and skew reporting on case loads, response time, and resolution.

Option #1 – Email Rules:

  1. In FuseDes, click Settings, and then Email Rules.
  2. Click Add New Rule at the bottom
  3. Add a Condition, for example “From” includes “”
  4. Add an Actions for example “Ignore this Email”
  5. Click On to turn the rule on
  6. Click Save to save your rules

Option #2 – Modify Settings

Even better – and the real solution – is to stop (or whoever is sending you all the emails) from bombarding your support team with non-case emails. This is usually a simple matter of disabling email notifications or changing the notification address on file for your notifications.

For, see how to disable merchant receipts or change email notification settings.