Keeping employees motivated in customer service can be a daunting task due to the inherent challenges ofholidays-268585_1280 the job. But acknowledging and rewarding your employees is an invaluable way to keep them engaged and content. If you’re tired of the same old ideas, here are some approaches used by other companies to borrow or inspire you.

A communications company motivates its employees by awarding 2 “I don’t want to get out of bed” cards to be redeemed when the employees choose.

A healthcare company has a wacky trophy (that each winner has continued to decorate) that goes to one outstanding recipient a month, with each winner being entered into a year end drawing for a dinner gift card at a restaurant of their choice.

A legal firm’s managing partner personally thanks employees that go above and beyond with a handwritten letter.

An e-commerce company effects a “Surprise by Design” on deserving employees’ cubicles with balloons, party favors, and their favorite candies.

A homebuilder formally recognizes its best employees in its monthly newsletter that goes out company-wide.

A shoe distribution company awards its employees with company points that can be accumulated and used to “purchase” items from a company “store”.

A tech startup reserves an office for an outstanding employee to “trade up” to from their regular cubicle.

An employee services company has a designated front parking spot for its best employee to make their mornings a little easier.

A sporting goods company awards outstanding employees with the opportunity to take a class of their choice at no cost, whether it be for professional growth or personal fun.

A community services group drops an “esteem bomb” on its deserving employees by compiling a book of recognition written by their fellow employees.

Another startup has a limited budget, but they make sure to celebrate their whole team by providing routine “power up breakfast” days of bagels, donuts, pancakes, and even bacon!

An outsourced customer service group has a monthly Friday costume contest, challenging everyone to get as creative as possible.

A corporate headquarters lightens the mood through games like distributing a blind list of “something you wouldn’t know about me” along with the names of the participating employees. The employee with the most correct guesses becomes the holder of the rotating trophy along with a shopping gift card to a large retailer.

Motivating your employees needn’t take a conventional route. Consider the personality of your company and your team and try implementing your own ways of keeping a smile on everyone’s faces. If you are already implementing something that your employees love, feel free to share it here.