It’s no secret that a company will greatly thrive based on exceptional customer service encounters. Yet again, it’s no secret a company that fails to meet consumer expectations will battle a wildfire, word-of-mouth, backlash! Don’t believe us? See for yourself, here!

FuseDesk Frustrated Customer

Keep your fires at bay with some of these impressive stats.

  1. 68 percent of unsatisfied customers will leave because the treatment they received during a customer service call wasn’t productive. Source
  2. 55 percent of customers are more likely to recommend a company based on the customer support the company provided. Source
  3. 78 percent of customers hold a competent customer service rep responsible for an exceptional customer experience! Source
  4. 81 percent of customers provide repeat business based on the great service provided. Source
  5. A company that makes the customer experience a priority gains 60 percent higher profit than its counterparts. Source
  6. 88 percent of customers will avoid purchases from companies that leave their complaints unanswered. Source
  7. A bad customer service experience reaches twice as many people through word of mouth as the positive praise from an excellent customer experience. Source
  8. Twelve: the number of positive experiences it takes to erase an unresolved poor experience. Source
  9. 73 percent of consumers fall in love with a brand due to the level of customer service the company provides. Source
  10. On average, individuals will share a poor customer experience with sixteen people, versus just nine for a great one. Source

FuseDesk Positively Outrageous Customer Service

It Not Only Matters—It’s Crucial!

We want our customers to feel validated, understood, and catered to! We want them to walk away with the best customer service experience we can provide. We strive for excellence and are driven to go above and beyond to make that happen!